The General Conditions Of Franking Machines Usage For The Postage

The conditions in which the customer uses a franking machine for the postage delivered to the poste should be defined and identifications to it should be given.

What is franking machine

This franking machine is identified with the special conditions. The franking machine is used for postage most categories of domestic and international regime. Postage on behalf of third parties made with the aid of the franking machine covered by this contract is subject to the signing of the General Conditions of Guarantee. The conditions following will be fulfilled:

  • the customer will have justified his legal existence and his home,
  • the customer will have provided his bank account number and his authorization of withdrawal, and more generally all the documents necessary for the establishment of invoices and the automatic deduction of amounts due,
  • the customer will have, if necessary, provided the deposit, the deposit warranty or first demand warranty in the conditions provided herein.

Franking machine is an apparatus for printing, either on the folds themselves, either on gummed or adhesive labels of a model fixed by the post and intended to be affixed on the folds:

  • franking marks which may include several values and a model set by the post,
  • the mandatory postal information and mentions provided for in product contracts,
  • a footprint mentioning the city of installation or the name of the postal establishment or treatment center designated mail in the special conditions such as the home institution and the filing date of the correspondences, [with the exception of very small machines to frank connected,
  • possibly an advertisement, in the form of a block mobile advertising service whose characteristics and conditions of use.

Franking machine devices include a counting device totaling postage mark values.

Types of franking machines

When choosing a franking machine one should consider the need for its use and its conditions. Franking machine devices are connected machines whose type corresponds either to:

  • a high-volume smart franking machine,
  • to an intelligent franking machine (whose feature is to allow detailed recording consumption by postal product),
  • to a small franking machine connected,
  • a very small connected franking machine, of which the imprint has the logo, indicating that the deposit in mailbox is allowed,
  • and more generally, any machine allowing by means of a connection, the recovery of the indexes by TV lift.

There are also franking machine devices referred to as “operating companies”, companies authorized to rent franking machines.

The installation and commissioning of the franking machine postage meter at the address indicated on this contract may be realized:

  • by the representative of the operating company in the presence of the customer (or an authorized person),
  • by the customer if the technical characteristics of the machine permit and that the authorization has been given by the post.

Franking machines in business

Franking machines are the solutions tailored to each company. Franking machines exist today in many models likely to meet the needs of all businesses, large or small. To choose your choice machine, the volume must be taken into account average, postage peaks as well

than the nature of the folds: for example, the more we go up in range, plus the thickness of the folds accepted increases.

When choosing a franking machine one should consider the need for its use and its conditions. It is not always easy to assess your exact needs in postage: that’s why it is imperative to choose a partner with the best equipment and a real offer services. It will be able to bring you a personalized advice for the choice of your postage meter as well as for daily use.

Environment issues of franking machines

To choose a franking machine respectful of the environment, it is necessary mainly to ensure:

  • Its size: Plus a franking machine is compact, plus its ecological footprint is low, its manufacture requires less materials and its transport less energy.
  • Its consumption: it is necessary not only account for consumption in operation but also on standby which represents 90% of the time of use of a stamp machine. Some machines consume up to 7 times less CO2
  • and benefit from the Energy StarĀ® Label. This label measures the energy efficiency of office equipment. It is attributed to equipment consuming little, and therefore respecting the environment.
  • Its consumables: they must be recyclable and benefit from the NF label Environment, certified by organizations of AFAQ / AFNOR certifications.
  • Its modularity: a machine that evolves with the needs of the company is a machine which has a longer life, and therefore a lower ecological footprint.
  • Sound volume: noise pollution is pollution like any other, so it’s an important choice criterion, in particular for high-end machines used for long cycles and several times a day.