Tips On How To Choose The Best Franking Machine Supplier Possible

If you do not have time to manage yourself your postage expenses, some suppliers of franking machines go further in the service offered to their clients. They offer them the realization of a detailed study in order to find for them the sources of savings to achieve. Once a year, and on the basis of the consolidated data, it is then possible to identify levers simple and effective to optimize management of his mail and the costs involved: it is sufficient for that to follow the recommendations of the provider.

Both by citizen approach and economic interest, most companies want to engage today in the ways of sustainable development and reduce their ecological footprint. Equipment in franking machines fits perfectly in this approach, provided you choose the right machine, as its supplier.

An eco-friendly supplier

The best franking machine suppliers in the world is a supplier who has chosen a pro-environmental approach in his business.

The chosen provider must register himself in a pro-environmental approach and engage in particular in the eco-design of his products. Some suppliers realize significant environmental progress to each new generation:

  • Franking machines of last generation can reach a recyclability of 58% higher than that of the previous franking machines.
  • This potential recyclability must of course be accompanied by a recovery of the machines at the end exploitation, and waste treatment by successful recovery channels, comply with the regulations concerning waste electrical equipment.

You can also demand from your supplier proof of his environmental commitment:

  • What internal actions concrete steps he leads to decrease his paper or energy consumption?
  • Does it have a fleet of little vehicles pollutants?
  • Does it use consumables office recyclables?

Common features of franking machines

Notwithstanding the type of the franking machine, to save time, we recommend that you divide your mail into several stacks with similar characteristics.

This allows you:

  • avoid changing franking parameters to each envelope;
  • take full advantage of the automatic functions of the system.

The post offers other means of postage, to customers whose needs the franking machine would not respond: they have characteristics that do not allow them to be substitutable for franking machines, neither from the point of view of demand nor from the point of view of the offer.

The relevant geographic market of franking machines is the zone of provision of rental maintenance of postal franking machines is limited to this territory because of specific characteristics: on the one hand the applicable regulations, concern the ownership regime of franking machines, the system of payment, the dealer and machinery licensing scheme and the additional cost generated by these national specificities.

Market of franking machines characteristics

The rental market maintenance of the franking machine is supervised regulatory framework that the post is in charge of applying, and demanding that each lessor and each prototype machine is approved, that each machine meets specifications, has received an authorization of use. In addition, this regulation imposes on depositors guarantees with the post and various administrative tasks.

The outlook for this market does not suggest that these characteristics are changed profoundly, unless the regulatory framework changes.

Very old, these clauses are found in all respects similar from one renter to another and are three-quarters of users, only large accounts being able to negotiate. These clauses not derive from the regulations applicable to that activity, nor the characteristics of franking machines. The hirers did not provide any evidence to average amortization of the machines likely to justify them. They are not accompanied by otherwise no consideration as the contracts do not provide for price adjustment as a result of the renewal of the contract, which would take into account the fact that the machine was damped.

Brief characteristics and benefits of franking machines:

·         Touchscreen                                 Yes

·         Jobs preprogrammed                 Max. 15

·         Available modes of use                   Manual or automatic

·         Speed Up to                                    1,350 envelopes / hour

·         Number of feed stations                 2

·         Annex / BRE-station                        Yes (1)

·         Folding capacity                              Up to max. 5 leaves (80 gr / m²)

·         Types of folding folded                   Single fold, double parallel, not folded

·         Capacity of 100-sheet feeding stations (200 with cascade function)

·         Weight of documents                     65-120 gr / m²

·         Document Size                                Up to 356 mm

·         Capacity of annexes / BRE-station  100 sheets

·         Weight of annexes                          75-250 gr / m²

·         Weight of envelopes back              75-120 gr / m²

·         Format of annexes / envelopes back Up to 158 mm long

·         Capacity of the receiving tray         100·         Envelope sizes from                        C5 / 6 to C5